Teachings for 6/12/2015 & 6/26/2015

What Happens After Death?

Take the self-test (below) before you view these videos?  Were your beliefs close  to the truth?

What Happens After Death?                                                   Videos        

Are we judged immediately after death?                                                    What Happens When You Die - Part 1

Are people burning in hell right now?                                                         What Happens When You Die - Part 2

When does the Great White Throne Judgment take place?

Where do people go immediately after death?

When does the Messiah come back and why?

What is your Body?

What is your Soul?

What is your Spirit?

Breath plus Soul equals ___________________.

Where does your Spirit go when you die?

Is Paradise the same as Heaven?

Are David, Samuel, and Isaiah in Heaven?

Where does the Soul reside after death?

How many Resurrections are there?

When is/are the Resurrection(s) listed above?

When is the Redemption?